Smarter cities: The only way is AI?

As writer William Gibson put it: “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.”

Many of us are interacting with artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis, from Netflix recommending our next binge-watch to Uber connecting us with the closest available driver or online chatbots helping to solve our customer service issues.

Increasingly, cities too are looking to AI to improve services for residents and streamline operations, and at a recent workshop I attended at the Smart City InFocus event in Yinchuan, China, city leaders clearly pinpointed AI as the most “impactful” and “disruptive” technology (or set of technologies) that they need to respond to.


I interviewed LA’s CIO, Ted Ross, IBM Watson’s Anthony Behan and STAE’s Julie Xu to find out where the real value of AI is for cities, now and in the future.

Read the article on Smart Cities World.

Sarah Wray

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