Wanging on about yourself is really embarrassing, so here’s what other people say:

“I had the privilege of working with Sarah for almost four years, for much of that time as her line manager. As an editor, writer, researcher and website ‘owner’ she is creative, conscientious and a fast learner, with a terrific feel for what works online: With few resources, she oversaw TM Forum’s digital channel, Inform, increased page impressions by 234% in one year and the number of unique users all but doubled too. She has a great talent for finding and using simple, cost-effective tools.  Sarah also contributed greatly to improving the design of our research reports and taught the rest of the team a great deal about infographics, among other things.  She is extremely well-regarded and liked by her colleagues.”

(Annie Turner, Senior Director, Editorial, TM Forum)

“Sarah has both speed and depth, can quickly turn a story around and dig deep enough to make the story interesting for her target audience. She is fantastic to work with, very pleasant and always there for you. My pleasure to recommend her!”

(Carl Piva, Head of the Smart City Forum and VP, Strategic Programs, TM Forum)

“As an editor Sarah is very easy to work with. She provides clear briefs and deadline requirements, and the work is always enjoyable to do. I hope to continue working for her in the future.”

(Lauren John, Freelance writer)

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